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CannaOne Technologies Inc. develops proprietary digital tools to service a multitude of segments for the cannabis industry.

Why CannaOne?

BloomKit –
Cannabis Commerce Solution

CannaOne has developed its first product in the Bloom product suite, BloomKit, a complete enterprise solution for any B-to-C cannabis company. BloomKit’s features include; themed online storefronts for dispensaries, pick-up scheduling, delivery services for medical and recreational sales. BloomKit was developed with modular dynamic features in mind to adapt to any governing body’s regulations. BloomKit provides the ability to serve clients with a turnkey solution on a global scale.


BloomSuite –
Data Driven. Design Focused.

The Bloom Product Suite is a data drive and design-focused product line developed for the future machine learning extracted from cannabis products and users using on the BloomKit platform. Our focus is to provide clients with detailed cannabis industry business insight that ultimately generate predictive content and fuel product recommendation engines.

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Our Team

Solomon Riby-Williams

CEO / Co-Founder

Solomon Riby-Williams has worked extensively in business and web development for the last 15 years and has an expert understanding of Front-End and Back-End Development. He has led development teams, oversaw personnel, implemented strategies for traditional and online customer acquisition, and has worked as a production designer and digital strategist for numerous consumer brands and products.

Dominic Stann

VP of Product

Dominic Stann is a technology entrepreneur with over 15 years of diverse experience specializing in communications, design, affiliate marketing, marketing and brand creation. As his career has evolved he has been involved in the successful business development of technology solutions for start-ups and early stage ventures.

Scott Williamson

VP of Technical Operations / Co-Founder

Scott Williamson is the owner of Inspired Networks and is the technology leader for CannaOne. He brings to the Company more than 12 years of experience in the field of network security, architecture and web platforms and worked with Blackberry in it’s security provisions development department.

Erynn Tomlinson


Erynn Tomlinson has over 20 years of experience in digital design and is currently a leading expert in User Behaviour Design. She has a broad history of experience that includes her success working with Plenty of Fish. She has worked within all facets of starting and running a software company, including product development, team leadership, and business strategy.

Adrian Lamoureux


Adrian Lamoureux has worked in the capital markets for the past 8 years, specializing in the design and implementation of market strategies and corporate development and he is currently the acting CEO of a public company. He has particular expertise in the mineral exploration and development sector. During his career he has financed a number of successful private and public companies.

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