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Cannabis Enterprises

CannaOne Technologies develops proprietary cannabis eCommerce tools to serve THC, CBD and medical markets around the world.

Why CannaOne?

Mastering Online Marketplaces

Perfection comes through repetition. CannaOne’s specializes in the building of online marketplaces and repeating the strategy over and over again for continuous learning and to perfect the formula.

Partnering Growth Strategy

Partnering with regional groups to manage local laws and regulations will allow CannaOne to scale at a rapid rate, without incurring the massive cost and time associated with building cultivation and receiving licenses.

Cannabis Big Data

Why is Amazon only the second company to hit a Trillion dollar market cap? One of the major drivers is that their Artificial Intelligence engines will soon predict your purchase before you even click the “buy now” button. The data Amazon collects and uses for machine learning is defining their competitive advantage and drives their business into the future – they don’t guess they predict.

CBD Ecom will soon be THC

If a user base is established in these countries through an online CBD marketplace, it would offer a huge advantage when these markets eventually allow THC. CannaOne has seen a massive transformation in the last 3 years and it’s we believe that THC will soon join CBD in the online world in many of these emerging countries.

A complete turnkey solution
ready to be deployed in any country.

Our turnkey platform reduces your time to market by an order of magnitude. Save time, resources and eliminate costly go-to-market mistakes by leveraging the deep features set and our unique experience.

Understanding all the unique attributes which cannabis possesses, a custom build with existing eCommerce providers will cost an excess amount of money to execute on enterprise level. The second issue and one we see as more critical is time to market.

Priority Enterprise eCommerce Solution Mastering Online Marketplaces

Perfection comes through repetition. CannaOne focuses on specializing in building online marketplace and repeating the strategy over and over again for every country with an immense amount of learning and to the point of perfection.

Proven Marketing Strategies

Without strong marketing, no business can get off the ground. But major advertising platforms, including Facebook and Google will not run cannabis ads. The core of our marketing suite is a focus on education. Cannabis offers a diverse set of benefits for a wide range of consumers, from medical to recreational. We can support acquisition and retention efforts to drive the business and maintain loyal customers.

Supply Relationships

CannaOne has exclusive access to the brands that are leading the global revolution. We can provide the potential path to exclusive partnerships.

We’re planning for the future today. Cannabis Big Data.

We’re planning for the future today. We recognize that the cost to acquire a customer will skyrocket in the coming years as the markets mature and massive amounts of money will get pushed into restricted marketing channels.

Structured data is the foundation and the future of CannaOne. We’ve architected structured data to retain customers for tomorrow while ensuring we continually possess a competitive advantage in the maturing markets.

Partner with us.
Welcome to the Green Rush.

Our goal is to take years of cannabis knowledge and work with local partners in emerging markets to capture key competitive advantages in order to become a market leader in the specific geographical regions. CannaOne will optimize launch to market without any compromise.

We strive to find local partners that understand the vision and want to be major players in the industry. We bring experience, knowledge, proprietary technology, and supply relationships to ensure success.

The Bwell Market

CBD US Marketplace

BWell is a one of a kind multi-brand marketplace powered by CannaOne’s proprietary platform, Bloomkit. The BWell Market specializes in the online sales and distribution of CBD edibles, CBD oil drops, hemp extract products and other wellness products to clients in the USA.


Review Driven Marketplace

Primo is a review driven marketplace curated to show the best in class accessories, merchandise, brands, and knowledge. Powered by Bloomkit, it operates on a platform that intuitively recognizes customer acquisition and supplies data driven retention tools to businesses who need it the most.


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Experience Lead

Our proprietary eCommerce platform, developed over the past 3 years, is designed from the ground up for the cannabis industry, leveraging our team’s combined 100 years experience in the cannabis space.

Solomon Riby-Williams

CEO / Co-Founder

Solomon Riby-Williams has worked extensively in business and web development for the last 15 years and has an expert understanding of Front-End and Back-End Development. He has led development teams, oversaw personnel, implemented strategies for traditional and online customer acquisition, and has worked as a production designer and digital strategist for numerous consumer brands and products.

Dominic Stann

VP of Product

Dominic Stann is a technology entrepreneur with over 15 years of diverse experience specializing in communications, design, affiliate marketing, marketing and brand creation. As his career has evolved he has been involved in the successful business development of technology solutions for start-ups and early stage ventures.

Scott Williamson

VP of Technical Operations / Co-Founder

Scott Williamson is the owner of Inspired Networks and is the technology leader for CannaOne. He brings to the Company more than 12 years of experience in the field of network security, architecture and web platforms and worked with Blackberry in it’s security provisions development department.

Erynn Tomlinson


Erynn Tomlinson has over 20 years of experience in digital design and is currently a leading expert in User Behaviour Design. She has a broad history of experience that includes her success working with Plenty of Fish. She has worked within all facets of starting and running a software company, including product development, team leadership, and business strategy.

Carlos Plaschinski

Business Development

Also a founding team member of CannaOne, Carlos Plaschinski has experience in social media, media buying, photo and video production, branding and design, website development, and consulting. In August 2015 Mr. Plaschinski co-founded DORMVIP, a student concierge service. He served as Director of Marketing for DormVIP until February 2016. From May 2015 to September 2016, Mr. Plaschinski was a Project Manager with Antisocial Media Solutions, a Vancouver based digital branding and marketing agency. He also served as Social Media Director from July 2012 to January 2016for Hyphy Events Ltd., an event and live entertainment production company. Mr. Plaschinski holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Criticism and Conservation from the University of British Columbia.

Rob Goehring

Serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience founding and scaling private and public software and hardware companies in telecommunications, financial services and marketing technology.Most recently, Rob was CEO of RewardStream, a leader in referral and loyalty marketing with clients including AT&T, Sprint, TELUS and Rogers (REW.V, acquired by Buyapowa Ltd.) Rob was also the Chief Marketing Officer of TIO Networks (TNC.V acquired by PayPal) and the co-founder of Contigo Systems (acquired by Vecima Networks).

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