Online Cannabis Sales Are About To Flourish With The Rise Of Cannabis Marketplaces

“Enter Delivery Platforms and Online Marketplaces

Delivery platforms and online marketplaces are playing a huge role in bringing cannabis retail into the digital age. They currently offer companies the best way to move products online without going through the long and costly process of building up their own digital storefronts.

Eaze delivers medical cannabis throughout California and Oregon and can ship hemp-derived CBD products almost anywhere else in the US. Anyone over the age of 21 can access the platform, peruse the Eaze wellness marketplace, place an order, and have the product delivered to them within 4 to 6 business days. 

Similarily, CannaOne recently launched its first online marketplace for the CBD industry. BWell Market provides consumers with all the information they could want about CBD products, from delivery method to purity and biodiversity. The website is already moving more than 100 kinds of CBD edibles, oil drops, and hemp extract products to tens of thousands of consumers throughout the United States. CannaOne is also creating similar CBD online marketplaces in Mexico and Europe and has its eyes on the THC industry as more states and nations abandon prohibition.”


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